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Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

WIRED Cafe— SDCC 2014

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New WEEP! 


The Venture Bros

San Diego Comic Con 2014

Pure Fucking Win


I promised some favorites in Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from SDCC, and here they are! Featuring Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.

This costume was so much fun to wear! And it gave my head a break from three days in a row of that Loki headpiece.

More photos will be posted as I get around to them. Stay tuned!


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Venture Brothers Signing with Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, and James Urbaniak at the Entertainment Earth booth.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014


The Venture Bros signing with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

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Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer at San Diego Comic-Con, 2014


The week after Comic-Con, check it out at Century Guild